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Human DNA Residuals Give Flight to Vaccination Autism Debate

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     Research review by Helen Ratajczak into the autism cause, in relation to vaccinations - finds some popular media sharing the full scope of the debate.

...Here’s what Ratajczak had to say:   “Documented causes of autism include genetic mutations and/or deletions, viral infections, and encephalitis [brain damage] following vaccination. Therefore, autism is the result of genetic defects and/or inflammation of the brain.” The author goes on to explore possible reasons vaccines might cause inflammation, including the increase in the number of vaccines given at one time, and a surprising new potential culprit: Human DNA.(Rebecca Odes reports on CBS story)

     Upon reading that some cell lines utilized to produced vaccinations contain human DNA residuals from aborted babies. I delved into things a bit further, and while doing so - located a document that was the result of our own government's concern; the report provided by an expert panel (explained further down) felt the issue of human DNA residual was concerning. Also, I found that  Sound Choice Pharmaceutical seems to be the sole group who has been addressing this issue most aggressively - and looking for a way to provide safer vaccination alternatives.
      The big question that remains is - do fetal cells acquired during abortion in order to develop cell lines for vaccination, alter the genetic makeup of some children who are being vaccinated? Use of the fetal cells cause residual human DNA to be present in vaccinations; there are recommendations that are suggested with regard to how much of the human DNA residual can be present in the vaccinations, but no way to know if the recommendations are being adhered to (explained further down). It is easy to suppose that the amount of residual in any given inoculation would vary indiscriminantly.
      With regard to how human DNA residuals might affect inoculated children, first consider the following; back in June 2010, researchers described an issue of Gene Copy Aberrations:

...Gene Copy Aberrations are more prevalent in ASD, with about 19 percent more copy number variations than what was identified in normal control subjects. Only 6 percent of those studied with ASD had CNVs that were new, and not acquired from parents. Here is one article on it (click).

Then consider:

From article (link): "It is known from gene therapy studies that injected naked DNA can be transported to the brain (Wang etal. 2001); that improperly integrated therapeutic DNA has caused cancer in young children (Hacein-Bey-Abinaetal. 2008); and that shorter DNA fragments have a higher probability of entering the nucleus [of the cells] (Lechardeuretal. 2002)"...

     Scientific research does seems fixed on allowing unfettered considerations of the human DNA residual in vaccination problem.

     Is the vaccine-autism debate one in which those who still ask the safety questions should be demonized? For all of those who are looking into the matter of possible autism causes, or anything else that matters - debate is healthy; and healthy debate should not be demonized. When all is said and done - the best applied, most worthily interpreted and most relevant scientific data must win.

     There is a whole lot of pressure placed upon those involved in important research; pressure that creates an atmosphere of non science. It is reported that Helen Ratajczak, the above mentioned researcher, was not allowed to make her views public for many years, while she was working in the pharmaceutical industry. However, she can now express herself since she is retired.

     How unfortunate that the smartest amongst us must guarantee that they will dummy themselves down via absolute adherence to a special interest's ability to continue in realization of monetary gain - some of the smartest in field of research seem to have to remain within the scope of ideology type research; a faulty type of research that mostly guarantees continued favor for all involved in a binding contract.  The sad fact is that contracts do hinder best pratices in scientific research, and those who hold the contracts over on their employees do not always seek out the highest standard.

     Within the overall media, and medical peer review it appears that a very strong part of my personality contains the most dangerous and irresponsible behavior; in that I dare to continue asking the question. How much do we really know about vaccination and autism? Lobby groups have calculated campaigns fixed upon the idea that questions about vaccination safety verge on that which is criminal. However, they hardly think that acquiring fetal cells from aborted babies in a timely manner after the deed is done, is criminal at all; that such happens is simply an after thought for the Lobby groups.

An important writing details aspects of how clinics allow wholesalers to acquire fetal parts in order to provide them to differing industry. Commercial Markets Created by Abortion (paper link) by Victoria Evans points to the many ways in which clinics are allowing many to profit from abortion via the sale of fetal parts. (link)

What about autism and vaccination, and if the two might have some sort of relationship?


     There are autism affected children who have co morbid disorders that are associated with probability of damage from vaccination, and peer review does accept instances where vaccination is the cause for devastating neurological illness. That is why vaccination courts are in place - they allow families some recourse. There have been cases that have prevailed to do with vaccination injury that resulted in brain damage.

     All that autism is right now - is a label; it is given based upon expert clinical observation and testing. Autism is NOT associated with known physical cause. The autism label defines a condition evidenced by clinically exhibited features, of deficits and excesses that are present - but without verifiable cause. Autism is many times accompanied by conditions that have a medically identifiable cause. An incomplete sample of the conditions are; mitochondrial disease or disorder, seizures, phenylkentonuria, congenital rubella, tuberous sclerosis, hypothyroidism, and hearing impairment.

     (Recent early stages in research have found a higher prevalence of autism affected individuals to have mitochondrial disease when compared to controls. The recommendation by our own government - with regard to giving a child with obvious signs of mitochondrial disease vaccination - is to use caution; what about autism affected individuals in whom sub clinical mitochondrial disease may not have been detected?)   

     Autism, in and of itself, IS a kind of missed-diagnosis because we do not know exactly what causes the manifestation of autistic features. Furthermore, the autism label seems to be - becoming the sole rally cry that those in many media outlets and medical community use in an alarmingly general fashion, in order to deny the known risk of injury from vaccination. Many had persevered on mercury as if it is the only ingredient in the vaccination. But there is more to the story, and I am glad more people are talking about it.

     There are risks involved in vaccination, albeit the medical community has made a choice to allow a few to fall into devastating illness so that the many might never be exposed to certain illnesses. It is the herd's overall wellness that is emphasized when insisting upon the good of vaccinations. Even as, for the herd - opting out of vaccinations has always been considered reasonable under conditions where known predispositions to increased risk are present.

     There are almost 40 conditions that suggest contraindication for various vaccinations according to the CDC and with that almost 60 notes for instructions to do with contraindications (link).

Some even proposed theoretical risks:

MMR does present known and theoretical risk. Contains albumin; theoretical risk of transmission of CJD and viral diseases. (link) The statement is on Other indications are given, as far as reasons for opting out of the MMR vaccination.

     Our very own government has considered the continuing alterations and manipulations of the cell lines being developed in order to produce vaccinations. Cell lines do utilize fetal material from abortion and thus, residual DNA from that fetal material is in vaccination cell lines. Designer Cells as Substrates for the Manufacture of Viral Vaccines, a report on designer cells utilized for development of vaccines (an FDA initiated report), considers overall productive infection as a risk consideration - not just infection that results in cancer.

...residual DNA has the potential, upon inoculation into the vaccine recipient, to produce infectious virus from this DNA and thus establish a productive infection.

     Whether it is reported in toto by media or not, risk assessment - with regard to the cell lines that are utilized in order to produce vaccinations - is at play behind the scenes. According to the aforementioned government initiated report, assessing risks of DNA residual presence in vaccines requires some absolute knowledge with regard to the amount of residual DNA being delivered via inoculation; that absolute number allows for understanding with regard to the probable amount of infectious agent being introduced. Keeping DNA residuals at 10ng or below is constantly emphasized in the already cited report, however what is also acknowledged is that there is no mechanism in place to enforce the standard - it is left to those who produce vaccines to practice diligence. What is not known, is if the manufacturers of vaccines have historically practiced due diligence by testing for amounts of residual DNA present in their products.

     Current research with regard to neurological illness (in general) evidences many experts who are coming up with data that demonstrates various neurological illnesses might have a lot in common - even though the they are recognized by many differing names. We hardly know everything there is to know about neurological illnesses, and we certainly do not know everything about the implications behind vaccinations. Dementia is proposed to have a number of possible causes including infectious viruses, bacteria, disease-carrying parasites and fungi. Researchers have established a link between HIV and Creutzfeldt-Jakob (CJD) and the onset of dementia. The Center For Prions and Protein Folding Diseases in Alberta finds that... there may be common factors between prion diseases and other human diseases such as autism and Alzheimer’s. If one were allowed to consider all things, it is at the very least reasonable to ask if vaccinations present increased risk of detrimental infection that results in neurological illness for some.

     How curious it is that so many experts perceive autism to be a neurological illness, but the medical community and even vaccine manufacturers can simply say they did not contribute at all to the (dramatic increase) in autism...and this doable only as long as medical diagnostics do not yet perceive the exact neurological deficits that contribute to the sole presentation of autistic features. Reality in current research implies multiple causes for autism; possible cause is about everything to which our children are exposed to in their environment, including vaccination. Medical diagnostics did exist for the 1300 cases of vaccine related brain damage that were compensated for in court over the past two decades (link). Wonder how many of those cases involved children who, in addition to having conditions with known medical cause, also had the label of autism?


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