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Dr. Omar Amin Kicked out of Barnes and Noble for Being in Children's Section

In Scottsdale, Arizona, 73-year-old Dr. Omar Amin said he was shopping for books to give to his grandchildren when he was kicked out of Barnes & Noble bookstore last month.

Dr. Amin claims that he was sitting on the floor and talking on his phone in the children's book section, when a manager told him that he had to leave because he was making a female customer nervous.


He was there without children.

Dr. Amin told TV3: "This is an insult to all men not just to me. I left the store I was upset like hell because I've been so insulted and humiliated in public for the charge of being a man."

Mark Bottini, Barnes & Noble vice president and director of stores, issued this statement: "We want to apologize to Dr. Amin for a situation in which Dr. Amin was asked to leave the children's section of our Scottsdale, Arizona store. We should not have done so. It is not our policy to ask customers to leave any section of our stores without justification."

However, Dr. Amin is not satisfied: "The person who did the insult has to apologize to me in person, in public, in the store and on camera."

Dr. Amin doesn't want money from Barnes & Noble, but said if he doesn't get that personal apology he will take the book seller to court.


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