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Dr. Drew Blames Mindy McCready’s ‘Firearm Enthusiast’ Boyfriend for her Suicide (Video)

Dr. Drew Pinsky told CNN’s Erin Burnett on Monday night that country music star Mindy McCready might not have killed herself if her music producer boyfriend David Wilson had not been a “firearm enthusiast,” who made guns “easily accessible” (video below).

McCready had appeared on Dr. Drew's 'Celebrity Rehab' reality show. On Sunday, she became the fifth celebrity to die after joining the show’s cast.

“She was doing well until the death of her boyfriend,” Pinsky said. “When he apparently killed himself, she unraveled, was really struggling. When I spoke to her, she agreed finally she needed to go into a hospital, needed to take care of herself."

"But she was absolutely preoccupied and mortified with how people would perceive her, judge her. Would law enforcement consider her more of suspect [in her boyfriend's death] if she got hospitalized? She eventually did go and then left after just 24 hours. If she stayed in the hospital, she would be with us today.”

“She’s had suicidal thinking and gestures before. The problem here is it was really a one-two punch. She was shattered, I mean, things had been going well, shattered by the death of her boyfriend. Then she lost custody of her children. Released from a hospital prematurely. You add to that mix accessibility of firearms. Apparently the boy friend was a bit of a firearm enthusiast. They were easily accessible and that was that.”

“There has been some criticism [of Celebrity Rehab],” Burnett asked. “Have you ever had second thoughts?”

“We worry, of course,” Pinsky replied. “This was a documentary. We worried that the cameras would adversely affect people. We always worry about that, but we were treating people with advanced addiction. Their prognosis was the same as many cancer patients. They have a poor prognosis. I believe that those that are now actively engaged in treatment now [are] still in harm’s way. There are still potentially fatalities ahead.”

Source CNN


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