Dr. Conrad Murray Sings to Anderson Cooper During Bizarre Interview (Video)


Dr. Conrad Murray, Michael Jackson’s former doctor, who is currently serving jail time for the death of the pop singer, sang to Anderson Cooper on CNN during a telephone interview on Tuesday (video below).

Dr. Murray was given a four-year jail sentence after being convicted on manslaughter charges in 2011.

“You know what describes me? Let me sing something for you,” Dr. Murray said to Cooper before singing the Nat King Cole song “The Little Boy that Santa Claus Forgot.”

“That song tells my story,” Dr. Murray explained. “That’s how I grew up. I had no Christmases. I had no toys. I had nothing. As I grew up my heart has been whole.”

Back in March, Dr. Murray said he would not testify in the wrongful death lawsuit that Katherine Jackson, Michael Jackson's mother, filed against concert promoter AEG Live.

Katherine Jackson is claiming that AEG Live is responsible for Dr. Murray's medical decision to give Michael Jackson with Propofol, leading to his death under Dr. Murray's watch, reports Examiner.com.

However, Dr. Murray had not yet signed his employment contract with AEG Live when Michael Jackson passed away.

Sources: CNN and Examiner.com


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