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Dr. Amy Dunbar Under Fire for Revealing Private Patient Information on Facebook

An OB-GYN at St. John’s Mercy Medical Center in St. Louis, Mo., is in hot water after posting sensitive information about one of her patients on Facebook last week. 

Annoyed with a patient of hers that was chronically late for appointments, Dr. Amy Dunbar took her complaints public to the social networking site.

According to the Daily Mail Dunbar initially posed a question to her 470 friends that was supposed to be something of a joke, asking them whether she should “show up late for her delivery” after her patient was “three hours late for her induction.” That failed joke got a lot more serious when Dunbar went on to say that her patient had previously had a still-born child.

Dunbar didn't reveal the patient's name, but someone did post a screenshot of her status and the comments to the hospital's “Mercy Moms To Be” Facebook page.

After the screenshot hit the page, critics began complaining that discussing any aspect of a patient’s history and case in such a public forum was inappropriate. Many of the doctor’s critics have called for her to be discharged from the hospital because of the incident.

33-year-old Dunbar has not lost her job over the posting, but she has received a severe warning from the hospital over her use of social media. The hospital has released the following statement:

“Our physician leadership has already called Dr. Dunbar. Her comments were definitely inappropriate. We are also reviewing them to determine if they violated privacy issues, etc. That process requires a more thorough review, but we will determine the appropriate response as quickly as possible. In the meantime, know that our physician organization holds its members to the highest standards and strives to improve our service and clinical care through that process.”

Source: (The Daily Mail)


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