Dozens of Women Claim Jail Recorded Them Undressing, Using Bathroom (Video)


The Puyallup, Wash. jail has been sued by 11 people over its policy of video recording DUI suspects, mostly female, undressing in a holding cell, changing into jail clothes and using the toilet.

A class action lawsuit by 10 women and one man claims they were forced to strip naked and change into jail clothing as male officers watched and recorded them without their knowledge. The lawsuit also claims the suspects were recorded using the bathroom.

Now, more people are coming forward to complain of the same ordeal in the same jail, which is located in a Seattle suburb (video below).

“We’ve got dozens of other people calling who had similar experiences in Puyallup. We’re sorting through them right now,” Seattle Attorney James Egan told King 5.

According to the New York Daily News, Egan got the jail’s surveillance tapes via public record requests.

However, Puyallup City Attorney Kevin Yamamoto counters, “The jail videos we’ve watched so far don’t show any inappropriate activity. In fact, the corrections officers are acting very professionally."

However, the lawsuit never claims the jailers are recorded committing any inappropriate activity, but were rather watching and recording the videos.

According to the City of Puyallup:

The holding cells have a safety camera that records the entire cell, which does include a toilet. However, to be clear, the safety cameras monitor jail cells, not bathrooms. While at first blush it might seem a little intrusive to have a safety camera monitoring a holding cell, there are numerous reasons why these safety cameras are present and critical to maintaining a safe and efficient jail.

One female DUI suspect says she refused to strip because four male guards and one male inmate were nearby.

“Basically I was harassed for not doing it and put back in the holding cell and made to stay there for about 12 hours,” claims the unidentified woman.

Sources:, King 5, New York Daily News


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