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Dozens Of Neglected Animals Die Of Starvation At Zoo In Gaza (Photos)

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Disturbing images have emerged of an animal “attraction” in Gaza, where dozens of animals starved to death after being neglected by staff members.

When staff returned to work after not having access due to the Israeli and Palestinian conflict, the scene at the Khan Younis Zoo was worse than one could imagine – lifeless bodies of lions, baboons and porcupines were discovered throughout the confines of the attraction.

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Owner Mohammed Awaida said he opened the zoo in 2007, and had a similar experience in 2008 when he and his staff were unable to get to work during Israel’s three-week military offensive against Hamas. Many of the animals, hungry and thirsty, were neglected and ultimately died.

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Khan Younis is, according to the Daily Mail, one of five zoos in the Gaza strip. During the most recent conflict between Hamas and Israeli forces, dozens of animals were again left to die because staff members could not reach the facility. With no animal rights movement or government branch in charge of zoos in the region, the animals were left to fend for themselves in their enclosures.

The zoo has reportedly stuffed and mummified animal corpses in the past after similar incidents have occured. 

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With only 65 live animals on the premises, Awaida fears that the dead could eventually outnumber the living.

Source: Daily Mail / Photo Credit:, WikiCommons


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