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Dozens of California Inmates Illegally Sterilized

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It has just been confirmed that at least 39 female prisoners have been illegally sterilized across four California prisons. A report filed by the California State Auditor has outlined the illegal activities surrounding the controversial sterilizations.

According to the report, the prisons in which this misconduct took place included Folsom Women’s Facility, Central California Women’s Facility, Valley State Prison for Women and the California Institution for Women.

Approximately one third of the tubal ligations performed on inmates in these four prisons from 2005 to 2013 were performed without the lawful consent of the inmates who underwent the procedures.

According to RT, In 27 cases, "the inmate’s physician – the individual who would perform the procedure in a hospital, or an alternate physician — did not sign the required consent form indicating the patient was of sound mind and understood the permanence of the operation."

In other cases, the physicians in question did not adhere to the proper waiting time required by the state of California. California state law dictates that sterilization procedures can only be performed between 30 and 180 days following to time a person agrees to the procedure. In these cases, "physicians doctored the consent forms to show the necessary waiting period had passed even though it had not."

These reports have been published following an extensive investigation championed by California state senator Ted Lieu. Now that his suspicions of malpractice have been confirmed, the senator stated that these "systematic failures" made him "sick to (his) stomach".

Now, RT is reporting that, "Auditors have called on federal officials to forward the names of the physicians involved in the illegal surgeries to the Medical Board and the California Department of Public Health for further investigation and disciplinary action."

According to the auditor's reports, the last of these illegal sterilization procedures was performed in 2011.


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