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Reports: ISIS Members Die After Syrian Rebel Cooks Poison Them

Reports allege that a dozen ISIS members were killed and many more hospitalized after Syrian rebels poisoned their meals at the Fath El-Sahel camp.

Sources with the Syrian Free Army say that cooks at the camp planned the operation with members of the Syrian Free Army to poison the meals of ISIS members at the camp.

The cooks reportedly poisoned lunches that were to be served later on in the day and were able to flee to safety with their families after the lunches were prepared.

Nearly a dozen ISIS militants have allegedly died from being poisoned, and Pangea Today reports that at least 15 others have been taken to nearby field hospitals for treatment.

This latest report comes less than two weeks after another report claimed that four ISIS members in Iraq were poisoned by a local resident.

Sources: Pangea Today,, Three Percenter Nation


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