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Douglas Adams Wins $5 Million Lawsuit After He Was Left Paralyzed In Porta-Potty Tipping Prank

A Pennsylvania man was left paralyzed from the shoulders down after his wife’s cousins tipped over a portable toilet while he was inside.

Douglas Adams III sued the toilet’s manufacturer, the toilet’s installer as well as the cousins, Gerald Grater and Barry Weller, for $5 million in Sullivan County Court.

Adams was on a camping trip with Grater and Weller when the two men decided to play the prank gone wrong that left Adams with several cervical fractures.

The three men were staying at a hunting lodge that had no indoor bathroom. While Adams was using a portable toilet, the two cousins decided to play a trick on him by using a truck to block the door, thus locking him inside.

But in doing so, Grater and Weller inadvertently knocked the toilet over, the lawsuit claimed.

Adams landed on his neck, causing injuries that left him quadriplegic, according to the Legal Intelligencer.

He was transferred to Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia for surgery and spent two weeks hospitalized.

Adams sued manufacturer Poly-San for not providing ground bolts with the porta-potty, even though there are holes on the base for them. He also sued the installer for placing the unit on a hill and “propping it up with wood.”

The defendants argued that the only parties responsible for Adams' injuries were the relatives alone.

The case was settled for $5 million before it could proceed.

Source: The Legal Intelligencer


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