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Double Homicide in Austin Apartment Makes Third Murder in Five Months

An Austin, Texas apartment has been the site of three grisly murders in five months. Yesterday, it was the scene of a couple’s double homicide.

A neighbor in the quiet northwest Austin apartment complex called the police around 3:30 a.m. reporting gunshots, KXAN reported. The police arrived but didn’t find anything. Later that morning, they got a second call. A woman living on the first floor said there was blood on her back porch.

The blood was coming from Apartment 2634 on the third floor. The police forced open the door and found the dead bodies of 21-year-old Remedios De Machibya and 33-year-old Charles Sanders.

Piecing the clues together, the police reported that De Machibya shot Sanders while he was sitting on the patio. Severely wounded, Sanders managed to wrest the gun from De Machibya and shoot a fatal round. Sanders' body was found in the apartment, and De Machibya’s on the patio.

“We're still in the process of trying to work through cell phone records as well as computer records to try to find out if we can find a motive as well as a relationship between the two," said Austin Police Sergeant Brian Miller.

Miller said Sanders was in the process of dialing 911 when he died.

Local residents were shaken by the incident in a peaceful community that is not usually decorated by crime tape.

"This is a really safe community; this is really unusual to see with the amount of years we lived in this area," resident Ben Barnicoat told KVUE.

Call it the curse of Apartment 2634. In October 2013, the apartment witnessed another murder when Elizabeth Garcia shot and killed her boyfriend, John Thomas Haney. During an interview with detectives, Garcia said she thought the apartment might be haunted.

KXAN reported that a man was moving out of the apartment complex the very day of the double homicide. It seems he didn't want to see who would be next.

Sources: KXAN, KVUE


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