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Double Amputee Sits On Burglar Until Police Arrive (Video)

An Ohio man with no legs was able to pin down a man who had broken into his home until police arrived to make an arrest.

Reports say that a woman returned home from work at night to find a man standing in her bedroom. The woman quickly screamed for her husband as the man tried to run, but the double amputee husband, who was in a wheelchair, acted quickly.

The courageous husband, who has two prosthetic legs, quickly went inside, grabbed a glass bottle, and hit the suspect over the head with it to knock him out. When police arrived at the scene, they found the man sitting on top of the suspect, who was bleeding, and they were able to make an arrest.

Both men were taken to the hospital, and the husband, who wears two prosthetic legs, is being hailed a hero for pinning the suspect down until police arrived. 49-year-old Joseph Copeland, the man who broke into the couple’s home, was summoned to court and is expected to be treated for mental health issues.

“Your brain is your most important weapon....however, using your bum for assistance, doesn't hurt,” writes one commenter on Breitbart’s report. “Having a gun, is the better equalizer, but you do what you must do. Mr. Homeowner,.....Glad you share that ‘refusal to be a victim’ attitude that all people should have.”

Sources: WHIO, Dayton Daily News, Breitbart


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