Double Amputee Cat Slides Down Stairs In A Handstand (Video)

The latest viral video circulating the web shows what may be the world’s most awesome cat sliding down a flight of stairs in a handstand.

Megan Brocato is the proud owner of Boots, a double amputee. Boots lost her rear paws as a kitten and was dumped at a rescue shelter at only ten days old. Brocato says they do not think that the cat’s paws were amputated purposefully.

“We believe this was an accident - perhaps she’d been closed in a door, or a recliner, something mechanical,” said Brocato. “We don’t believe it was purposeful human intervention.”

Brocato adopted Boots when she was around six weeks old, and the cat now has prosthetic paws. If Brocato was ever worried that Boots would not figure out a way to function with prosthetics, she certainly does not have to worry now, as the video shows Boots sliding down the stairs on her two front paws.

“It was tough as she re-learned how to walk,” admitted Brocato to Buzzfeed. “But as you can see from our video, she has no problem now.

Sources: NY Daily News, Huffington Post, Buzzfeed


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