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Doshia Armstrong, 73, Okay After Carjacker Steals Kia Sorrento With Her Still In It

Dallas police are still searching for a suspect who stole a car from in front of a local business with a 73-year-old woman inside.

The driver stopped at an ACE Cash Express store in Oak Cliff and went inside. When she came out of the establishment, she saw her 2006 gray Kia Sorrento motoring down the street with a strange man at the wheel.

Still in the passenger’s seat was the woman’s 73-year-old mother, Doshia Armstrong.

The Kia owner immediately dialed 911, but by the time police arrived, her vehicle was gone. Her mother, fortunately, was found in the parking lot of a shopping center two blocks away. The carjacker had pulled into the lot, opened the door, shoved the elderly mom to the pavement and sped off.

"That's just weak. That's very, very weak.  Just something like that to do to somebody that's not capable of defending themselves, you can't do that," said Louis Flores, a witness to the incident.

Armstrong was not badly hurt, but was taken to a nearby hospital after the frightening encounter with street crime.

Police have yet to find the car or the individual who stole it. Nor have they yet released a description of the suspect.

SOURCES: Dallas Morning News, MyFox KDFW, Daily Mail


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