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Dori Rhoades Accientally Sells $18K Earrings for $20

A woman who was having a garage sale accidentally sold her $18,000 earrings for $20 when she forgot that they were inside of a jean jacket.

Dori Rhoades, 38, hid the earrings with $1,500 and a ring inside the jacket because she thought it was a safe way to prevent being robbed. 

But Rhoades' strategy failed her when she forgot about storing the items in the jacket and sold it at her garage sale.

"I volunteer in my kids' classrooms multiple times a week, I work full time, I think anyone who is a mother knows. You give so much of yourself that sometimes your brain stops working. That morning, I sold the jean jacket without even a thought. For $20," she said.

This isn't the first time someone has sold jewelry for way below its worth. In early June, a woman's $23,000 ring sold for $10 because her husband forgot it was in the box he had taken to a garage sale. 

Fortunately, that ring was returned.

Rhoades is hopeful her story will also have a happy ending.

"It's my hope someone out there sees the story and knows the person who bought the jacket…I've just been beating myself up."

Sources: Inquisitr, NY Daily News


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