Two Women Who Look Like Twins Take DNA Test, 'Surprised' By Results (Photo)


Two Irish women who look almost exactly alike took a DNA test, only to discover they are not even remotely related.

Neither Niamh Geaney nor Irene Adams, each 26, knew of the other’s existence until November 2015, when an acquaintance connected the two, the Daily Mail reports.

“I was out shopping, and a girl from school who I hadn't talked to in years was telling me about this 'Doppelganger girl' all over YouTube that was my twin,” Adams said, according to the Daily Mail. "I hadn't heard about the project, so I went home and out of curiosity looked it up."

The acquaintance was referring to Geaney’s Twin Strangers website, which uses facial recognition software to match users with their look-alikes.

“I then received a Facebook friend request from Niamh and a funny message about how she thought we looked alike,” Adams said. "I was intrigued so decided to meet up with her."

Geaney said upon meeting, she and Adams “clicked instantly.”

"She not only looked exactly like [me] but also acted like me," Geaney told ABC News. "It was like watching myself. Our facial expressions are exactly the same, our eyes and nose crinkle the same way, we smile the same and she also talks with her hands just like me."

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After the pair filmed their meeting and posted the video online, users encouraged them to get a DNA test, given both were from Ireland and may be "10th cousins or related somewhere down the line,” Geaney said.

In December 2015, Adams and Geaney went to a DNA-testing center in Ireland.

Results revealed the two doppelgangers were not related at all -- and their ancestors descended from different parts of the world.

“Not sisters, not half-sisters, not even related up to 20,000 years ago. Mental,” Geaney said, according to the Independent.

Geaney, a student and television presenter who describes herself as a “global doppelganger hunter,” said Adams was the third look-alike she’s met since initiating her project.

Sources: Daily Mail, ABC NewsIndependent / Photo Credit: Twitter via Independent

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