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Don't Trust U.S. Gov. to Protect You, Buy Guns, Says NRA (Video)

During his speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference today, National Rifle Association head Wayne LaPierre warned the audience about a dystopian world where criminals run rampant, Americans fear for their lives and the U.S. government won't protect anyone.

 "We fear for the safety of our families," said LaPierre (video below). “I’ve never been worried about his country until now. We fear for the safety of our families. It’s why neighborhood streets that were once filled with bicycles and skateboards and laughter in the air now sit empty and silent.”

According to, the stone-faced LaPierre warned, "There are terrorists, and there are home-invaders, drug cartels, car-jackers, knockout gamers, and rapers, and haters, and campus killers, airport killers, shopping mall killers, and killers who scheme to destroy our country with massive storms of violence against our power grids or vicious waves of chemicals or disease that could collapse our society that sustains us all."

LaPierre then asked the Obama-hating crowd, "Do you trust this government to protect you?" 

The crowd replied, "No!"

"We are on our own," announced LaPierre. "That is a certainty. There is no greater freedom than the right to survive and protect our families with all the rifles, shotguns and handguns we want!”

The NRA has made numerous fear-mongering claims in the past in an effort to get gun owners to believe the federal government is after them, buy guns and support the NRA, which is financially backed by the $12-billion gun manufacturing industry, noted The Huffington Post in 2013.

Democracy Now! reported in 2013 that the NRA has gotten as much as $38 million in support from gun companies since 2005 (video below).

Sources:, Democracy Now!, The Huffington Post


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