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On This Easter, Guns Don't Belong in Church

During these holiest of days for Christians and Jews, several church members at Immanuel Bible Church in Springfield, Va., attended services not only with bibles in hand, but also with guns in tow.

They told The Washington Post reporter guns make it safer to worship. A much-criticized opinion issued recently by Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli says its OK to bring guns to church for self defense. But studies consistently show that more guns lead to accidental shootings and turn disagreements into deadly confrontations. A gun is not a peacemaker. But peaceful is what places of worship ought to be. We applaud congregational members and editorial writers who are trying to keep guns out of sanctuaries. We also urge state legislators to support updating their gun laws to keep places of worship free of firearms.

From theRichmond Times-Dispatch
Advocates Criticize Cuccinelli On Guns In Church

“Our houses of worship are intentional spiritual places of sanctity and safety. Allowing weapons into a holy location devoted to wellness and healing is morally reprehensible.”
-- Rabbi Ben Romer of Congregation Or Ami.

From theThe Washington Post
At Some Virginia Churches, Guns Are An Invisible Part Of The Routine
“Guns in a church? Why?”
-- Samy Youssef of Alexandria, a member of Immanuel Bible Church in Springfield, Va.

From the Daily Press (Newport News, Va.)
EDITORIAL:  Pistols In The Pews
Is it going to come to this: Will the ushers who pass the offering plates “pass the ammunition,” too?

From the Stafford County Sun
EDITORIAL:  Guns in Church? No Way
“While altercations can happen anywhere and people may argue that is their right to be prepared and protected, gun enthusiasts and second-amendment advocates often take this argument too far and become the root cause of altercations that do end up taking place.”

From the Fredricksburg News
Toon Talk: Let Us Pray
“I believe in the Second Amendment, but the gun worship in this country just goes overboard at times.”
-- Clay Jones,  editorial cartoonist for The Free Lance-Star.


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