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Trump Rejects Rape Allegations As 'Categorically False'

A lawsuit accusing Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump of rape is being described as a hoax.

The suit details claims made by Katie Johnson, who alleges she was raped by Trump at parties hosted by convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein in 1994. She asks in the suit for a waiving of the legal fee, claiming only $278 to her name.

“The Plaintiff, Katie Johnson, was subject to extreme sexual and physical abuse by both defendants, including rape,” the suit alleges. “The Plaintiff Katie Johnson, was enticed with promises of money and a modeling career to attend a series of underage sex parties at the Manhattan residence of Defendant, Jeffrey E. Epstein, and attended by Defendant, Donald J. Trump."

Alan Garten, Trump’s lawyer, issued a statement denying the allegations after they were made public on April 28, according to media reports: “The allegations are not only categorically false, but disgusting at the highest level and clearly framed to solicit media attention or, more likely, are politically motivate. To be clear, there is absolutely no merit to these claims and, based on our investigation, no evidence that the person who has made these allegations actually exists.”

However, the address on the suit in California is a house that has been unoccupied since October 2015, and the phone number given is for a different person.

Garten outlined other issues that made him suspicious about the lawsuit’s authenticity.

“This was written on legal paper with margins and line numbers," he told the Daily Mail. "It's properly captioned. It has no typos. It has footers. It cites statutes."

“It seems like there's a lot more to this story than some random person," he continued. "Clearly there's some kind of collusion going on here."

It has also been pointed out that the name “Katie Johnson” does not appear in Epstein’s black book of contacts that was seized by the FBI.

The plaintiff is suing for $100 million.

“[The alleged victim] was fully warned on more than one occasion by both defendants, Donald J. Trump and Jeffrey E, Epstein, that were she ever to reveal any of the details of the sexual and physical abuse that she had suffered as a sex slave for defendant Trump and defendant Epstein, that plaintiff Johnson and her family would be in mortal danger,” the suit alleges in closing, Mirror reports.

Sources: Daily Mail, Mirror / Photo credit: Right Side Broadcasting/YouTube

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