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Donald Trump Tells Companies That Move Overseas To 'Go F*** Themselves'

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Donald Trump said during a New Hampshire rally that companies who move overseas to take advantage of favorable tax rates can "go f**k themselves."

Trump has been known to use foul language in his speeches across the campaign trail, and the New Hampshire rally was no exception. Not only did he tell companies who move overseas to "go f**k themselves," according to CBS News, he also directed some language at other issues.

"They're ripping the s**t out of the sea," he said while talking about China's island building in the South China sea.

Trump's language and controversial statements have landed him in hot water, not just on the other side of the aisle, but from fellow Republicans as well. Former First Lady Barbara Bush spoke out against Trump during a CNN interview while campaigning for her son, Jeb Bush.

"He doesn't give many answers to how he would solve problems," she said in the interview. "He sort of makes faces and says insulting things.

"He's said terrible things about women, terrible things about the military. I don't understand why people are for him, for that reason. I'm a woman. I'm not crazy about what he says about women."

Barbara also said she was "sick" of Trump, who spent the better part of six months relentlessly criticizing her son as a "low energy" candidate who's "dumb as a rock."

Sources: CBS News, CNN / Photo credit: Wikipedia

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