Trump Empowers Women In The Workplace, Daughter Says


Donald Trump's daughters and wife defended their father's views on gender equality during an interview with CNN's Anderson Cooper. 

During the interview, an audience member asked about Trump’s treatment of women, which has come into question in the past following controversial comments and derogatory statements. His daughters defended him as someone who “treats everyone equally.”

“His actions speak louder than the words of many politicians who talk about gender equality, but it's not evidenced in their daily employment practices,” Trump’s daughter Ivanka said, Newsman reported.

“Both at the Trump Organization and also in a more personal capacity, the type of father he was to a daughter — to daughters — I think evidences how he feels about our gender in general." The 34-year-old cited women in high-power positions at Trump’s real estate business when making her argument.

“The facts speak for themselves,” she said. “I have witnessed these incredible female role models that he's employed in the highest executive positions at the Trump Organization my entire life. And an industry that has been dominated by men, is still dominated by men but certainly was when he was starting out in his career, and he was employing some of these women and raising them through the ranks. For me, I think the way he raised me, the way he raised Tiffany, it's a testament to the fact that he believes in inspiring women, empowering women."

Trump’s younger daughter, 22-year-old Tiffany, agreed with her sister, saying that her father has always “inspired” her.

“He wants us to do the best — and he has the utmost faith that we can accomplish whatever we set our minds to just as well as men, if not better, and we're such strong, hard workers."

Trump’s wife, Melania, told Cooper that her husband “treats everyone equally.”

“If you're woman and he attacks — they attack him — he will attack back. No matter who you are,” she said. “We're all human and he treats them equal as men. I think that's very important. He doesn't make a difference.”

Ivanka Trump recently made headlines, along with brother Eric, for reportedly failing to register to vote in their home state of New York in time for the primary. She responded to the controversy during the CNN interview. 

“It was actually a very interesting experience. We’re not a family of politicians; we haven’t been in politics very long. New York has one of the most onerous rules in terms of registration, and it required us to register a long time ago—almost, close to a year ago. And we didn’t do that,” she said, Slate reported. 

“We found out about it sort of after the fact, but it was actually why I started making a series of videos, to educate people in each of the individual states, because every state is different. Most states you can register as late as the day of the actual primary.”

Sources: Newsmax, Slate / Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

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