Man Finds Himself In Sticky Situation After Penis Gets Stuck To Hand With Super Glue


A Chicago man made a visit to the emergency room after he accidentally superglued his hand to his junk.

"The night before, [the patient] was fixing his lamp next to his bed and he left the superglue tube on the nightstand," Dr. Matthew Valente explained on an upcoming episode of "Sex Sent Me To The E.R.” on TLC.

The glue was right next to a tube of lubrication that the unidentified man and his wife used when they were making sweet love.

"Only he went a little too fast, and — voila! — his hand became stuck to his penis," Valente said.

It was a spectacle, according to the doctor.

"This was a large amount of skin that was affixed together," Valente said. "There wasn't just a small amount of glue. It wasn't just one finger. It was, in fact, his entire palm and all his fingers, which were tightly affixed to his genitals.”

The story about how the man finally removed his hand from his private area won’t be revealed until the episode airs on June 19. But his wife suggested using nail polish remover, applying scalding water to the glue or simply waiting two to three days for the outer layer of skin to fall off, Huffington Post notes.

"She was more concerned about making the dinner than his level of comfort or the fact that he's in excruciating pain because he superglued his penis," Valente said.

Sources: TLC, Huffington Post


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