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Don't Worry, Angelina Jolie is Still Fur-Free

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Yes, Angelina Jolie was spotted wearing what appeared to be a
chinchilla-trimmed hat and cape on the set of her latest movie,
spurring one of the best blog headlines that we've seen all week.

But our L.A. staffers were on it faster than Liza Minelli can open a
bottle of Scotch, and they've received word from the film's publicist
that (phew!) the chinchilla is actually synchilla. We knew sweet Angelina to be an animal lover who never wears fur.

Don't worry, Ange, we knew a big-hearted U.N. Goodwill Ambassador
like yourself would never wear the skins of achingly adorable little
animals who go "coo, coo" when they're excited and like to hold things
in their cute little pinkish-gray hands. We just knew it.


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