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Don't Mix Eggs With Your Pregnancy

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If you are pregnant, including eggs in your diet could be a recipe for gestational diabetes. Two new studies have linked consuming more eggs and cholesterol during pregnancy with developing gestational diabetes.

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Sickening cruelty

Gestational diabetes can cause babies to grow too large, experience a steep drop in blood sugar after birth, develop jaundice, and have breathing problems. Children and mothers alike are also at risk for developing diabetes later in life. One study reported that women who consumed the most eggs ran a 77 percent higher risk of developing gestational diabetes, while the other study puts the increase closer to 165 percent.

With so many great vegan eats widely available, leaving eggs off the menu is a piece of (vegan) cake. You can browse hundreds of PETA's free recipes and sign up to have new ones sent to your in-box here.  Now that's eggciting!

Written by Michelle Sherrow


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