Don't Mess with Texas....that includes history and textbooks!!!

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As a Social Studies teacher, this story hit home.  For those who don't know, Texas recently approved somechanges to its social studies curriculum.  Changes include:

  1.  Capitalism is now--Free enterprise system.  (negative--Capitalist Pig)
  2.  Thomas Jefferson is dropped because he coined the "separation of church and state" phrase.
  3.  Efforts to include Hispanic/Latino heroes were defeated
  4.  Students will now learn about the violent stance of the Black Panthers right along with the non-violent approach of MLK.
  5.  NRA and Contract with america and other right wing political agendas are given spotlights.
  6.  Stonewall Jackson, the Confederate general, is to be listed as a role model for effective leadership, and the ideas in Jefferson Davis’s inaugural address are to be laid side by side with Abraham Lincoln’s speeches.
  7.  Country music is given special attention, while Rap music is omitted.

What if this were to happen in Georgia?  Or south Carolina?  Would kids start learning about the effectiveness of Governor Lester Maddox? (Some say he wasn't a racist because he had many black employees and nominated blacks in state gov't during his administration.)   Or "Pitchfork" Ben Tillman?  I hope not.  Let's keep partisan politics out of the classroom.


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