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Domino's Employee Sarah Cherry Fires Shots At Armed Robbers

Sarah Cherry has carried a gun at work ever since her father was robbed at gunpoint two months ago.

Clint Cherry, Sarah’s father, was robbed at the same Domino’s in Blytheville, Arkansas, that Sarah works at.

Sarah’s decision to carry a weapon was rewarded on Wednesday when she was able to ward off three armed robbers attempting to rob the Domino’s.

In an interview with The Daily Caller, Clint Cherry described how his daughter reacted to the attempted robbery. He said, “When she came around [to the front of the store], she didn’t know what was going on. She came around front, and she shot.”

He continued, “She was defending the people more than herself.” According to her father, Cherry shot at the robbers three times.

Cherry honed her shooting skills during her six years as a military police officer in the Army. “She knows how to shoot,” Clint said. “She could have hit them if she wanted to.”

Sarah carrying a gun is against company policy. 

Clint realizes that Domino’s does not allow employees to carry weapons, but said, “I told her, I said, use it to protect yourself. We lose our job, we lose our job, but we’re going to protect ourselves.”

Domino’s corporate policy forbids employees from carrying guns at work. However, these policies have come into question due to multiple robberies in the past months. A Papa John’s delivery driver in Georgia shot an armed robber in the face while on the job.

The Papa John’s driver was not fired, even though Papa John’s has a similar gun policy to Domino’s policy.

Tim McIntyre, senior vice president of corporate communications, said that the franchisee would decide whether or not to fire the employee. He stated, “The corporate office has no authority in making personnel decisions for independent business owners.”

Sources: The Daily Caller, WREG Memphis / Photo Source: WREG Memphis


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