Domino's Employee Accused Of Padding Customer Bills


An employee at a bustling Domino’s pizza restaurant in Marysville, Ohio, reportedly tried to get away with altering credit card receipts by adding extra to the tip amount. The alleged scam was discovered when a fellow employee noticed the tips weren’t adding up.

Marysville Police Chief Floyd Golden said an audit of Domino’s finances uncovered the fraud.

Managers for the pizza restaurant are trying to figure out how many people were scammed and how much money was taken. Manager Nick Bradburn said it was an isolated incident. "I work just as hard as the next person and I don't care what job you have, I'm working just like they are and to steal from somebody is not right,” he said. 

Golden recommended customers check their credit card statements for fraudulent charges. “It's just a really good general rule of thumb anyway," he added.

The employee has not been arrested or charged and it’s unclear if his employment has been terminated. According to the Domino’s website, the Marysville branch is recruiting new employees.

Sources: Domino’s, 10TV

Image via Wikimedia Commons


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