Domino's Delivery Driver Stops Robbery, Gets Fired


A Domino's Pizza delivery man was fired after stopping an attempted robbery.

After learning about multiple robberies on pizza drivers in the local area, Austin Drake said he purchased a pellet gun to protect himself, The Source reports.

“I figured, you know, it’s at least a good deterrent,” Drake said. “We’re going up to these strange houses every night, unarmed ... we’re probably more scared than they are.”

After embarking on his last delivery, somebody pointed a gun at his face.

The attempted robbery was averted, however, when Drake pulled out his own gun.

"He said, 'Get on the f-ing ground,' and I said, 'What,' and I pulled mine out and I aimed it at him," Drake said, KTRK reports. "Of course, it was dark outside so he probably couldn't tell if mine was real or not and he took off running."

A sheriff’s report later revealed a Papa John’s pizza delivery man was also robbed at the same address.

While he wasn't robbed that day, Drake ended up losing his job due to a corporate policy forbidding employees from carrying weapons.

"I was the bad guy and the criminal got away," Drake said.

“They never contacted me. I never got a call saying I’m sorry, I’m glad you’re okay,” he added.

Drake says he is speaking out to raise awareness, adding that he doesn’t want his job back. Instead, he just wants the company to change their policy to protect others like him.

"I think it's ridiculous ... that it would end like this," Drake said.

Robbery is just one of many worries delivery drivers have to face.

At one point, being a delivery man was considered one of the most dangerous jobs in America, the Bureau Of Labor Statistics reveals, reported CNN Money.

"We don't think people should die to get a package delivered," said attorney Anthony Prince.

Sources: The Source, KTRKCNN Money / Photo credit: The Source

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