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Dominick's Worker Suspended On Last Day Over Youtube Video (Video)

Dominick’s employee Steve Yamamoto was suspended on the final day of the Chicago store’s operation after he filmed a satirical sci-fi themed video criticizing the company that owns the grocery chain.

"It was all in good fun," Yamamoto said of the video. "I was expecting laughs from the employees, that's it."

The video entitled “Thanks Safeway” was published on Youtube Friday, just one day before Safeway closed 72 stores and left 6,000 employees jobless. It featured dragons starting fires, helicopters crashing into the store and jabs at Miley Cyrus.

By Saturday, media outlets discovered the video and Yamamoto’s store manager called him.

"My store manager got a phone call that she had to suspend me," Yamamoto said. "I was like, 'Are you serious?' It's crazy as it is. I'm just dumbfounded."

He added that his suspension could result in a loss of severance pay for three weeks.

It is unclear if any other Dominick’s employees were suspended, though Yamamoto believes he was the only one. Despite the consequences, Yamamoto said the video was worth it.

Yamamoto added that he will miss his Dominick's friends, who were more like family.

Sources: The Huffington Post, NBC


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