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'It Was Incredible': Dolphin Finds Woman's Phone At Bottom Of The Ocean (Video)

Teressa Cee, a dancer for the NBA’s Miami Heat, thought she’d lost her phone forever when it was accidentally dropped into the Atlantic Ocean while she was swimming with dolphins at Blue Lagoon Island in the Bahamas (video below).

“I didn’t think I was going to get it back at all,” she told ABC News. “You could see a piece of it, but the rest of it was covered in sand.”

One of the dolphin trainers signaled a dolphin named Cacique to search, and nearly seven minutes later, the dolphin came back with Cee’s phone.

“It was incredible,” Cee said. “The trainer was actually as surprised as I was.”

Cee posted a video of the "unbelievable" moment to Facebook, and it has since gone viral, garnering more than two million views. 

While the phone no longer works, Cee wrote in a comment that “Cacique just made it all worth it.”

Sources: ABC News, Teressa Cee/Facebook / Photo credit: Screenshot via Teressa Cee/Facebook


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