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'Dogs Were Aiming to Kill My Boy': Pit Bulls Attack 10-Year-Old Boy

On Saturday, December 27, 10-year-old Bernard Molnar was viciously attacked by two Pit Bulls while riding a scooter he had received for Christmas in front of a home in Enid, Oklahoma. 

The dogs escaped from a fenced yard at a nearby residence and attacked the child at approximately 3:30 p.m. in the 1700 block of East Walnut, according to the police report.

Christina Dettling, Bernard’s mother, told KOCO News that her son was drenched in blood and “looked like a Zombie with his face peeled back” after the attack.

She described his injuries to Enid News, saying, “… his face is very messed up. He doesn’t exactly look the same anymore.”

Christina Dettling said it took four people to free the boy from the Pit Bulls, but not before her son was seriously injured. She said a neighbor, Patrick Prall, was the first to discover her son being mauled and he beat the dogs off with Bernard’s scooter as she called 911. She credits Patrick with saving her son’s life.

Although Bernie is feeling better, Dettling said, “His right arm is broken, where the dog bit down, crushed both bones and shook him. He’s got a horseshoe-shaped mark on the back of his head — it’s got 10 staples in it and it went all the way down to the skull.”

She added that, in addition to cuts that needed stitches and bruises all over his body, her son has “…a 3-inch gash on his upper right butt cheek that’s got three staples. They had to sew a portion of his right ear back on. He’s got a fractured nose. “His face and his ear and his arm (are) the absolute worst; and the back of his head.”

Dettling said she heard blood-curling screams and realized it was her son. She and her boyfriend, Richard Atkinson, were visiting Atkinson’s mother at the time of the attack, according to Enid News.

Dettling said Prall, herself, her boyfriend, Richard Atkinson, and his mother, Minnie Atkinson, all attempted to free the boy from the dogs. In the process, Richard also was bitten.

Although Bernard was released from the hospital Monday, his recovery will take years, and he will need multiple facial reconstructive surgeries, according to doctors.

Dettling told KOCO that this is not the first time the two Pit bulls have been out.  At least one of the dogs had previously bitten someone and was declared a dangerous animal by the city, the Enid police report states.

The owner, Jordan Soucek, is now charged in the attack and will appear in court for allegedly violating the city's dangerous dog ordinance, according to KOCO.  Both dogs were reportedly euthanized on Monday.

Sources: KOCO, ENID News / Photo Credit: Screenshot


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