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Dogs Receive Bionic Limbs After Suffering Severe Abuse

While we continually hear stories about humans receiving bionic limbs and the way their lives change from it, there are also dogs who have received the limbs after suffering traumatic injuries.

Naki'o was a puppy when he was found with his litter mates and dead mother in an abandoned home in Nebraska. He was frozen into a puddle on the floor, and he had to have his paws and part of his tail amputated. 

When Colorado Springs veterinary assistant Christine Pace heard of Naki'o's injuries, she adopted him.

At first, he was able to get around on just his stumps. But he grew, and soon his weight was too much for his short legs to handle. His owner then decided to raise money for him to get prosthetic limbs for his back legs, as they suffered the worst damage.

When she saw how much the limbs changed his life, Martin and Amy Kaufman of Orthopets created a pair of front-leg prosthetics for him as well. He is now able to run and play just like any other dog.

Another pup, Pay de Limon, also benefits from prosthetic limbs. He was a victim of a Mexican drug gang assault after they reportedly cut off his two front paws to test out intimidation tactics they would use on human hands. They left him in the trash to die, but luckily, a passerby heard his cries and took him to a sanctuary for abused animals.

The staff of Milagros Caninos raised more than $6,000 to pay for his front-leg prosthetics.

And another dog, Cassidy, received an integrated artificial leg. Dr. Denis Marcellin-Little in North Carolina was inspired to create the device for Cassidy, which was a canine first. 

"We worked for about a year to try to design an eternal brace that was fairly sophisticated, but did not work very well," he said. 

Now, Cassidy's lower leg bone has fused seamlessly with a carbon fiber foot with a rubber tread. He is able to sprint and walk around easily.

"Watching him run on the beach is a very emotional thing for me personally," owner Steve Posovksy said. 

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