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Woman Leaves Dogs In Car, They Crash It Into Wal-Mart

Shoppers at a West Virginia Wal-Mart got a big surprise after an elderly woman left her two dogs in her car with the engine running on July 31.

A witness said she was standing outside of the Wayne Wal-Mart when she noticed a car slowly moving toward her, reports WSAZ. She thought perhaps the driver was somebody she knew, but as the car got closer, she noticed what was driving -- a dog.

Once the woman realized what was happening, she jumped out of the way and the car crashed into the store.

The owner of the car was paged by the store. Witnesses say she appeared to be in her late 70s.

The elderly woman says she left her dogs in the car with the air conditioning on so they could stay cool, reports KSWB. Somehow, one of the dogs managed to get the car out of park.

According to a store employee, the dogs were fine after the incident and there was minimal damage to the car and the building.

Sources: WSAZ, KSWB / Photo credit: WSAZ

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