Dog's Leash Caught In Elevator, Nearly Strangled to Death (Video)


Toronto woman Tamara Seibert was horrified earlier this month when she watched her dog nearly choke to death after his leash was caught in an elevator door.

Seibert, her Rottweiler Vado and her friend’s Pitbull stepped into an elevator, when suddenly Vado’s leash was caught between the closed doors and he was lifted off the ground.

“He’s 110 pounds and he was just picked clean off the ground,” Seibert said. “I just panicked and was going to do whatever I could to get him down.”

Seibert struggled to release Vado, when suddenly the leash snapped and the doors opened. The dogs wandered out into the hall and Seibert, flustered, picked up her belongings in the elevator.

“The last time I watched [the video] I realized I picked up some random person’s garbage off the elevator,” Seibert said. “I was so out of it that I was scooping everything in the elevator.”

Seibert added that since the incident Vado hasn’t been scared to go back in the elevator, and that the day after he was happily running around the yard.

Sources: The Blaze, Global News


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