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Dogs, Cats Saved from Burning Vet Clinic Find Refuge at Seattle Car Dealership

A MINI Cooper dealership in the Lake City area of Seattle, Washington, became a place of mercy and shelter when the emergency/critical-care veterinary clinic next door caught on fire on December 17.

A frantic 911 call at 3:37 p.m. from the Animal Critical Care & Emergency Services at 11536 Lake City Way in Northeast Seattle, Washington, and the Seattle Fire Department’s Ladder 40 responded, code red, with lights and siren immediately. It was determined that a laundry dryer was the source of the fire. The facility was damaged, and about 20 dogs and several cats that were ill or injured and being treated at the clinic had to be quickly evacuated, according to

Most of the animals were already medically fragile and in danger of being further physically compromised by the dense smoke and stress and they needed to be kept safe and warm.

Fortunately for the animals, the veterinary clinic is next door to the new MINI Cooper dealership, Seattle Mini, which is so animal-friendly that it features a large mixed-breed dog driving a car on its website and keeps doggie snacks and a bowl of water available for its customers’ dogs at all times.

Chuck Hill, an employee of the car agency, ran outside when he heard the commotion and sirens and he saw the smoke billowing from the roof of the building. Chuck, along with Matt Reyes and other employees, offered to take in the frightened animals at the dealership and keep them safe and warm while the staff at the veterinary clinic arranged the best way to care for them.

As the last of the dogs left the dealership, some being sent to other veterinary facilities, Chuck Hill was sweeping up dog hair that had accumulated on the floor of the business, according to reporter Joshua Trujllo of the Seattle Post.

Hill told him that a top executive from MINI Cooper was coming by for a visit on Tuesday and the dealership needed to look good. Trujillo reports that, “…In the eyes of their thankful neighbors, the dealership couldn’t have looked better.”

Source: (Joshua Trujillo, reporter @joshtrujillo.)


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