Dogs Being Prescribed Prozac, Xanax (Video)

Antidepression medications have been widely prescribed to humans in the U.S., but apparently dogs are popping the pills as well.

There has been a huge increase in prescriptions for Prozac and Xanax for dogs over the past 10 years, according to pet trainer Andrea Arden (video below).

“I think animals are expected to live more constrained lives,” Arden told MyFoxNY.com. “I think people are busier and busier, especially with the economic downfall. They’re working more so they have less time for their pets, and I think as a result we’re seeing more behavioral problems with animals.”

“I think it’s mostly owners looking for a quick fix. I think what people need to think about is [finding] a way to spend more time with their animals, more quality time with their animals, and they really need to focus on enriching their lives so that they have fewer behavioral problems.”

Giving these types of drugs to dogs might sound illegal, but the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) actually approved a Prozac drug, Reconcile, for pooches back in 2011, notes NaturalNews.com.

Reconcile is manufactured by Eli Lilly and Elanco to stop nervousness and anxiety that dogs may feel when their owners leave the house.

However, there is no medical check list of emotional symptoms that a dog can list as a human would before being given a Prozac prescription.

Sources: MyFoxNY.comNaturalNews.com


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