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Dognapping Case Takes A Strange Turn

A month ago, William Soto of Tulsa, Oklahoma, bought Bella, a Blue Nose pitbull.

On Feb. 26, Bella was stolen from Soto’s yard by an unidentified man. 

"He just jumped the fence and he just took off,” Soto told KOTV

The case took a strange turn when Soto found 2-month-old Bella’s ears in his yard on March 7. He doesn’t know why Bella was taken or why her ears were chopped off and placed in his front yard. 

Jamee Suarez, the founder of Oklahoma Alliance for Animals, was also confused by the attack. "It just sounds crazy," she said.

Suarez explained that dog fighters will sometimes crop a pitbull’s ears for the fighting ring, but the procedure is usually not performed on puppies. “They will cut their ears because they don't want that extra skin for other dogs to bite on,” she said. "They just think it makes them look meaner."

Suarez said Bella could be in danger as dogs have a lot of blood vessels in their ears. It’s likely her ears are bleeding and infected.

Soto just wants his dog back. 

Source: KOTV / Image via KOTV


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