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Dognapper Caught On Tape Stealing French Bulldog From Tattoo Parlor (Video)

Surveillance video shows a French bulldog being snatched from a Vancouver, Canada, tattoo parlor after a woman asked to pet the pooch, then picked it up and walked out.

According to the Huffington Post, store manager Shaughnessy Keely and Kyle Otsuji are the owners of 10-month-old Chloe, and they often bring her along to work at the Fall Tattoing. The suspect arrived at the shop Thursday night around 7 p.m., asking to pet the dog and then asked to hold her.

“This is pretty normal, people always ask for these sorts of things,” a statement emailed to CBC News says.

So she obliged, but was busy with a client who needed her help at the front desk.

"While this was going on one of the artists brought down his client and needed Shaughnessy to ring him through the till. She told the girl she would be a second and went not even 10 feet away to the cash register. This is when the girl slowly starts walking towards the door all the while holding Chloe and looking at art on the wall."

Once she was near enough to reach the door, the woman reportedly made a run for it, jumped into a black car and took off. The car did not have license plates.

Keely and her coworkers tried to run after the vehicle but were unsuccessful.

Photos of both Chloe and the crook have been circulating on social media, and Otsuji told The Province that the dog has a microchip implant.

“This is what happened and where we are at. Luckily, we have a strong presence on Instagram and social media is proving to be more powerful than expected,” Otsuji told the newspaper.

“I can’t believe this happened and I would give anything to have our little Chloe back,” Keely posted on her Instagram account.

Watch security footage of the incident below, and more information about Chloe and the alleged thief below that:

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