Dog Walker Accidentally Kills Six Dogs, Lies To Owners About It

A Canadian dog walker is in hot water today after it was revealed she accidentally killed six dogs -- including her own -- and lied about what happened to the dogs’ owners.

Emma Paulsen was watching six dogs one day when they suddenly went missing – or so she told police. Paulsen’s story was that she used a public restroom for about 10 minutes while the dogs sat in her car, and they were missing when she came back.

That story sounded fishy to the owner of one of the dogs, and they hired a pet investigation company (who knew such a thing existed?) to find out what really happened. However, before the company could make much progress, Paulsen admitted she was lying.

She confessed that she left all six dogs in her truck for 45 minutes on a hot day, and all six were dead when she came back. Authorities believe they died of heat stroke. She panicked at the thought of telling the owners what she had done, and decided to bury the dogs in a ditch to cover up her mistake.

Since one of the deceased dogs belonged to Paulsen, authorities are assuming she did not intentionally kill them. Accordingly, they have not decided if she will be charged with any offenses.

In light of the deaths, the British Columbia SPCA is reminding people never to leave dogs – or animals of any kind, for that matter – in a car on a warm day.

“Dogs don’t have sweat glands as people do, so in vehicles they just don’t stand a chance,” the organization said. “It can take less than 10 minutes for a dog to suffer brain damage, or die. We always urge people: If you love your pets, leave them at home while you’re running errands, unless you can be with them all of the time.”

Under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, Paulsen could face a penalty of up to $75,000 for her offense or be sentenced to a maximum of two years in prison. 

Sources: The Globe and Mail, Mail Online


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