Golden Retriever Walked Miles To Find Owner Who Died In Landslide


Rescuers searching through the rubble of Washington’s deadly March 22 landslide rejoiced when they found a golden retriever in the rubble. Although they initially believed the dog was a survivor, it was later discovered that he had actually walked for miles to the location where his former owner perished.

15-year-old Boomer was severely dehydrated and suffered injuries to his leg and hip when he was rescued. Dr. Krystal Grant, a veterinarian at Arlington Animal Hospital, told Fox News they believe Boomer walked three miles to get to the site of the landslide where his owner was last seen.

"He might not have been saved from the landslide, but, if not for the hard work of these rescuers, he certainly would have not survived," said Grant.

Boomer’s picture was initially posted on Facebook with claims that he had survived the landslide, but after seeing the picture online, his new owner, sister of the deceased original owner, contacted the rescuers to let them know that he had wandered off.

Boomer, a beloved Golden Retriever, is said to be recovering from his injuries at Arlington Animal Hospital. Dr. Grant told Fox News that finding Boomer was a good moral boost for the rescuers. Since March 22, reports say that at least 30 people have been confirmed dead, and nearly 15 are still missing.


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