Dog Waits at Missouri Rest Area 2 Days for Owner to Return

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Michael Siau, an Arkansas truck driver, always took his nine-month old Yorkshire Terrier, Rambo, on his runs for company.  He was traveling through Missouri on June 1 and decided to stop at a rest area near Hannibal. When he hopped out of his truck to stretch his legs, so did little Rambo.

But that wasn’t planned. Siau thought Rambo was in the back seat asleep. When the trucker got back in the truck and drove off, he left Rambo behind.

"Didn't even cross my mind that he might jump out. He never has before," Siau told the Hannibal Courier-Post on June 4. "I jumped back in the truck, put it in gear and drove off. And I just thought he was in the back asleep."

When he stopped again 170 miles later at Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Siau realized his best buddy was not with him, but he knew if he turned around he would be so far behind schedule on his 900-mile delivery in North Dakota that he might lose his job.

 'I was freaking out. I had to calm down and think about how he could have possibly gotten out,' Mr. Siau told the Hannibal Courier-Post. 'And it came to me that was the only time that I could have got out and I wouldn’t have seen him. I was just sure he was there.'

Siau’s anxiety was heightened by the haunting memory of Rambo’s father, Ollie, who had also traveled with him and who was hit by a truck in October 2011. He told reporters that he took six months off from driving after that because he was so distraught.

Siau said Rambo had originally been picked out by his daughter as her dog, but when she saw how forlorn her father was after losing Ollie, she gave Rambo back to him because she didn’t want her Dad to be lonely on his long trips. “

Siau told the Post that he thought LaGrange was the closest police department to the rest stop and he called them on Friday for help. They offered to look into it, but nobody returned his call so he called them back on Sunday morning, sobbing, he said.  The dispatcher told him Hannibal had jurisdiction at that rest stop and gave him the number for Hannibal’s Animal Control unit. 

Siau said, “Three hours later, 10:30 Sunday morning, the Hannibal officer called me and told me they found my dog,” Siau said.  Rambo was just sitting there, waiting, right where his owner had left him..

Michael Siau drove back to Hannibal as soon as he finished his delivery and stopped at the Northeast Missouri Humane Society, which was providing loviing care for Rambo.  He tearfully picked up the loyal little puppy and took him home.



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