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Faithful Dog Waits For Cancer-Stricken Owner Outside Hospital For 8 Days (Video)

A homeless man in Brazil was randomly attacked on the street, and eight days after being admitted for treatment, he was reunited with his beloved dog who patiently waited outside the hospital the entire time.

Lauri da Costa was brutally smashed in the face with a rock in what can only be explained as a random act of cruelty. Costa walked miles to the hospital with a bloodied face in order to be treated for his injuries, but to make matters worse, he was told after being tested that he had melanoma and needed cancer treatment.

As Costa spent eight days being treated for skin cancer, his faithful dog Seco waited in the hospital parking lot for his owner to be released. During the week of waiting, hospital staff provided food and water for the dog so that it wouldn’t starve.

Finally, after over a week, Costa and Seco were reunited. The hospital staff set up the reunion in the building’s courtyard, and the emotional reunion was captured on video. Check out this awesome reunion below.


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