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Dog With Two Bodies, Eight Legs Born on Pacific Island (Photos)

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A remarkable dog with two bodies and eight legs was born on a tiny Pacific island this week. 

Photos showed the newborn’s two bodies, joined at the chest with two sets of front and back legs each, as well as two tails. The black and white female dog was one of six puppies born in Tonga island on the Pacific Ocean, and shocked the local community upon her birth.

“I've never seen anything like this before,” Vukitangitau Maloni, who took the photos, said. “She was struggling to crawl and unfortunately, she died a few hours later. My neighbour's dog gave birth to five other healthy puppies but she was the cutest out of them.”

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According to Australian veterinary nurse Erica Fairleigh, most deformed animals don’t survive longer than a few hours past birth. 

“Without very good veterinary care, the pup would have died quickly unfortunately,” she said. “I've never seen or heard of any dogs born this way but it could be a result of many factors such as poor genetics and bad nutrition during gestation.” 

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"It looks like two pups that didn't quite separate and there are deformities in the face too like a cleft pallet," Fairleigh added. "Her face looks quite blue, which are signs of not enough oxygen. I can see her umbilical cord still attached and she looks no more than 12 hours old.”

Sources: Daily Mail, International Business Times

Photo Credit: Daily Mail


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