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Dog Tries To Rescue His Owner, Thought He Was Drowning (Video)

A video of a dog trying to rescue his owner is going viral on the web.

According to the New York Daily News, a YouTube user with the handle kingpic uploaded the video (below) entitled "Hero Dog."

The video begins with the dog sitting on the shore of a lake watching his owner swim in shallow water.

After the owner ducks his head underwater for several seconds, the dog leaps into action and into the lake.

The dog grabs onto the man's arm and insists on dog-paddling him to shore, noted writer Stacey Ritzen adds, "My 13-year-old Australian Shepherd actually used to do the same thing to me when I’d go swimming, back in her younger days — but unfortunately her rescue attempts mostly consisted of pushing me even further down in the water. Oh well. Can’t fault a dog for trying!"

Sources: New York Daily News,,
Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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