Dog Travels 37 Miles To Reunite With Owner After Being Removed From Hospital

Members of staff at a mental health facility in Uruguay reported being attacked by dogs that were the companion pets to psychiatric patients. A judge ordered all pets to be removed from the facility, but one dog traveled 37 miles to say one last goodbye to its owner.

Hundreds of dogs were removed from Uruguay's Etchepare Colony mental health facility after multiple reports of dog attacks, LifeWithDogs.TV reported.

Hospital staff members said the overabundance of unaltered pets at the facility created a dangerous environment for both staff and patients. A judge then ruled it illegal for patients to own pets and ordered all animals be removed from the hospital.

The pets were taken in by animal rescue groups who offered to find the pets new loving homes.

But one dog wasn’t ready to leave his owner.

A mixed-breed dog named Corbata — which is Spanish for “tie” — spent his whole life in Etchepare with his owner.

Corbata was removed from the home but managed to escape from rescuers. The homesick dog then traveled 37 miles to get back to the hospital to see his owner again.

After hours of walking on hot roads, Corbata had injuries on his paws. Still, he embraced his owner and was reportedly excited to see him again.

The reunion lasted only a few hours. Rescuers returned to the hospital and took Corbata away again after his brief visit.

A few years ago, Etchepare had a similar problem with dog attacks. More than 60 dogs that were deemed dangerous were removed from the hospital. The ones considered friendly were allowed to stay.

After this most recent incident, a judge has declared Etchepare a pet-free zone. Patients will now have to learn to live without the comfort of their companion pets.

The silver lining to the story is that many local animal organizations are stepping up to help the dogs. The dogs could have easily been euthanized but instead, they are now available for adoption and some have already found new homes.

Source: LifeWithDogs.TV, Facebook

Photo Credit: Upa Santa Lucia Via LifeWithDogs.TV


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