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Dog Thwarted By Hero Cat In California Attack Euthanized

A dog caught on surveillance video in California attacking a 4-year-old and then being chased off by the family cat was euthanized over the weekend despite pleas from thousands asking the shelter to save the Labrador-Chow mix’s life.

The 8-month-old dog stalked and bit a boy on the leg, dragging him down his driveway until the boy's cat intervened. The dog was put down last weekend with the consent of his owner.

The dog was surrendered to an animal shelter in Bakersfield and held in quarantine for 10 days, police said.

The shelter received calls to adopt, but the dog was “not adoptable, for obvious reasons,” Police Sgt. Joe Grubbs told theBakersfield Californian

At least three online petitions to spare the dog’s life received thousands of signatures, but the shelter director says there is nothing she could do. People have called the facility "a disgrace."

"We're getting called names. I don't get it," Animal Care Center Director Julie Johnson said. "We did what the family requested we do. The owner signed over this dog specifically for euthanization after the quarantine period."

The boy, Jeremy Triantafilo, required 10 stitches after the attack. His tabby Tara became a YouTube celebrity for fearlessly tackling the dog. Since then she was invited to "throw out" the first pitch at a local minor league game, as well as numerous invites to appear on TV, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Sources: Los Angeles Times, Newser


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