This Dog Thinks Glass Door Is Closed, Only Comes In When Owner Pretends To Open It (Video)


Sometimes it’s hard to figure out if a clear glass door is open or closed. 

A dog owner posted a video of their adorable pet sitting outside their patio door. The animal is looking for someone to open the door and let him through, but the entrance to the room is already open. When the owner calls it to come back in the house, the dog doesn't do it because it thinks that the door is still closed. What a silly little dog.

Perhaps it has a vision problem. According to, dogs have lower visual acuity meaning everything looks blurrier. Either that or he ran into the glass door several times before and does not want it to happen again.

It’s only when one of the owners pretends to open the door and drops a treat on the floor that the dog comes inside. The woman recording this hilarious moment can be heard laughing behind the camera.

The video below was posted on YouTube on Sept. 27 and has since gone viral, garnering over 3 million views as of this writing.

Sources: Huffington Post, Mother Nature Network

Video Source: Daniel Wirtz/YouTube


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