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Dog Swims Over Mile During Storm, Reunites With Owner (Video)

Steve Alioto's house boat sank last week, thanks to an unusual storm in Northern California.

Alioto had his boat anchored off the coast near Sausalito, California, because he wasn't able to afford a dock.

He went to help a friend during last Thursday's storm, but when he returned his boat had sunk.

“And alls (sic) I saw was the mast sticking out of the water,” Alioto told CBS San Francisco (video below).

Also missing was his canine companion Daisy.

Alioto assumed that his dog had gone down with his boat, but fortunately Daisy swam a mile and a half to shore and then trotted off to the Sausalito Presbyterian Church where she had previously gone with her owner for free meals.

"My neighbor told me there was a soaking wet, shivering dog crouched in the church doorway around 7:30 a.m. Thursday," Rev. Paul Mowry told the Mercury News. "Initially, I thought she was just a lost dog."

Rev. Mowry notified the local police and the Marin Humane Society, who scanned Daisy's microchip, which revealed two phone numbers.

"I tried the secondary number a couple of times and got somebody who said the dog, Daisy, had been given away to a good friend, Steve. And we (the church) have a Steve who comes to our free lunches on Wednesday," added Rev. Mowry. "He lived on the boat with Daisy."

For his part, Alioto reported his lost dog to the Sausalito police last Friday.

Police Sgt. Thomas Georges put that report together with Rev. Mowry's call of a lost dog. Upon hearing that information, Rev. Mowry went to Open Door Ministries, which gives away free meals on Friday night, and told Alioto that he found his dog.

Alioto and Daisy were reunited last Saturday. They're both homeless, but living on a friend's boat.

Sources: CBS San Francisco, Mercury News
Image Credit: Screenshot From CBS San Francisco


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