Dog Survives 8 Days Clinging To Cliff After Falling 300 Feet (Video)

The British coastguard rescued a springer spaniel Sunday who survived for a week on a small cliff ledge presumably after a 300-foot fall.

Nine-year-old Sprig went missing on Aug. 23 and was presumed dead by his owners Mark and Susie Sanders, both 50. They had been admiring the view from Foreland Point in Devon, England’s highest sea cliff at 292 feet, when Sprig ran off.

"We called the dogs and the terrier popped up beside us, but no spaniel. We never saw him go and didn't hear anything,” Susie Sanders told the Western Daily Press. "We've been for walks along that coast many times and he's never done anything like this before, it's very out of character.”

Supported by a small ledge, Sprig survived by licking moisture off rocks and moss for eight days.

The coast guard spotted him while attending a stranded sheep.

The video below shows volunteers from the Royal National Lifeboat Institution saving Sprig.

"He'd clearly been there for some time as he was licking water off my dry suit," helmsman Andrew Escott told the Western Daily Press. "And he did seem rather pleased to see us."

"I just could not believe it when we had a call to say the lifeboat crew had spotted him and rescued him. It's amazing - the best news ever. Bless them,” Susie Sanders said.

"We think probably he must have chased a pheasant, that's the only reason we can think he would have gone down there,” she added. "No one knows exactly how he got there.”

Despite it all, Sprig appeared to be in good shape.

“He was a bit leaner, maybe. He had no marks on him at all,” she said.

Sources: New York Daily News, Western Daily Press

Image screenshot: YouTube


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