Dog Shot by Police Serving Warrant at Wrong Address, Texas City Refuses to Pay Vet Bill


The City of Leander, Texas, has announced that it will not pay the veterinary bill for a dog who was shot by a Leander Police officer after the police came onto the property of James and Renata Simmons on June 17. When the officers entered, the Simmons’ German Shepherd, Vinny, came running around the side of the house and was shot by one of the officers who felt the dog was a threat to their safety.

It turned out that the officers were trying to execute a warrant at the wrong address in Liberty Hill. Vinny needed extensive veterinary care to save his life and the Simmons, through their attorney, filed a claim with the City of Leander to cover the $1,500 in vet bills.

The City of Leander responded on August 15 that it is denying the claim because the City is not responsible for the officer who shot Vinny in his own yard, KEYE News reports.

The Leander Police Department announced after the shooting that dog-behavior training classes for police officers would be provided to help reduce similar incidents in the future.

The Simmons’ attorney says that he now plans to file a lawsuit against the City and the Leander Police Department on behalf of the family.

Source: KEYE News


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